COVID-19 Response

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Commercial Building Decontamination Protocol

With the evolving development of the COVID-19 outbreak, Commercial Loss Experts (CLE) recognizes that commercial buildings are particularly at risk of exposure. CLE’s primary objective is to reduce business interruption and recovery time for its commercial customers.

The presence of the COVID-19 in any building, including schools, shopping malls, long term care facilities, office buildings, churches, manufacturing plants, etc., will cause significant disruption to the normal operation of these facilities. Preparedness is critical in restoring buildings to their operational state. Although we expect that everyone is implementing their own internal infection control protocols, should an outbreak occur, you will need professional help to decontaminate the affected area.

To this end, we have prepared an immediate response plan with two services to meet your needs:

  1. CLE COVID-19 Preventative Disinfection Service – Where this is no clear evidence of the virus, we offer cleaning and disinfecting services as described below, with no oversight by a certified hygienist.
  2. CLE COVID-19 Decontamination Service – Where there is evidence or a high degree of likelihood that the virus was present in the building, we offer cleaning and disinfecting services described below, with the oversight by a certified hygienist.

CLE has adopted the best practices for cleaning and disinfecting procedures (as published by the CDC and others) for commercial and public places. CLE is working with industrial hygienist professionals to provide oversight and on-site training where needed for contaminated commercial buildings.

The decontamination and emergency response plan consists, in part, of the following:

  • Implement an initial risk assessment process.
  • Provide technicians trained to deliver the decontamination service.
  • Deliver on-site training and fit-testing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for technicians.
  • Source and secure approved chemicals that will kill or destroy the coronavirus and that are safe for the building, its occupants and contents.
  • Source and secure inventory of PPE and cleaning materials needed to perform decontamination.
  • Develop a strict cleaning and decontamination process and technique, including the use of specialized equipment to apply the chemical in every environment effectively.
  • Where applicable, provide strict monitoring of the defined cleaning and decontamination process by a certified hygienist.
  • Provide strict monitoring of the technicians’ use of PPE and where applicable, by a certified hygienist.
  • Develop and implement security protocols to restrict access to the affected areas to those with the proper PPE, including restricting access by the public and building occupants.
  • Tracking of all personnel accessing the affected area.
  • Deliver a post-decontamination report, verifying the appropriate application of the decontamination protocol in order to resume occupancy.

We do not know how severe the spread of the COVID-19 will be in Canada and the impact that it will have on the resources needed to deliver this critical service. CLE and our trusted professionals will make every effort to service customers on a priority basis.

To help manage the influx on service requests, we direct you to the click on the link below where you can enter your request, while completing the Risk Assessment and Request for Service Questionnaire. All requests will be serviced in the order CLE receives the work order.

Link: CLE COVID-19 Risk Assessment & Request for Service